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ABA Immigration Compliance and Best
Charles M. Miller, Marcine A. Seid, and Daniel Brown
Foreword by Ira J. Kurzban
Published by the American Bar Association

"[A] major contribution to our field" and "a public service to all of us laboring in the fields of employment, labor and immigration law."- Ira J. Kurzban

Nationwide, ICE worksite enforcement actions have increasingly resulted in criminal investigations of employers suspected of violating the federal immigration employment laws. These investigations typically begin as civil ICE I-9 inspections, but once evidence of knowingly employed or continuing to employ violations is developed, they turn into criminal investigations that may use search warrants, worksite raids and other enforcement methods to target employers, their managers and employees.

The authors of Immigration Compliance and Best Practices provide the private bar with hard-to-find information that rivals the resources found on the desks of government lawyers. This book also emphasizes the best practices that will ensure that your employer is protected by effective compliance solutions. We believe that this ABA publication is the book that you will keep close at hand and use repeatedly to accomplish your employer's immigration compliance goals.

Immigration Law in the Workplace
Charles M. Miller, Marcine A. Seid, and S. Christopher Stowe, Jr.
Published by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Immigration Law in the Workplace is the one indispensable resource that keeps its readers current on the latest changes in immigration law.  Over 8 million employers have reporting requirements to the IRS, the Social Security Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security for their U.S. and foreign workers.  Thousands of government contractors and subcontractors need to comply with federal regulations that require them to use the E-Verify electronic system for new hires and their existing employees.

This is the only immigration handbook written specifically for American companies, their managers, immigration compliance staff, and legal professionals.  It covers everything you deal with - and will deal with - on a daily basis in regard to foreign workers.  It walks you through all the current steps and helps you set up a framework to avoid exposing your company to federal investigation, federal prosecution, white collar criminal liability, and penalties.

Immigration Law in the Workplace covers such topics as:

  • ICE I-9 Audits, and how to prepare for them
  • Immigration applications and petitions for your foreign employees, including H-1Bs, L-1s, and TNs
  • How to fill out the two-page Form I-9
  • Changes in the Handbook for Employers
  • I-9 guidance where the employee has used another name in situations other than a legal name change
  • New I-9 legal name change policy
  • Starting an Immigration Compliance program

Immigration Law in the Workplace is the first and last book your company will turn to for immigration employment questions.  Clear, concise guidance from leading immigration, employment, and tax experts provides you with direct understanding of compliance rules.  The latest information from the federal government is fully explained - accompanied by charts and forms that assist decision making and compliance.

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